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Every day new possibilities present themselves: mobile technology is creating new opportunities for those willing to push the envelope. Our experts can inspire and guide you, helping you develop a great mobile strategy. During this process we'll get creative without losing sight of the technological impact. Trust us!


Mobile apps thrive on aggregation of data and information. Our analysts match every minute detail in your mobile app screens to back-end information and processes. We can help you analyse your existing datastores and processes to determine how you can best benefit from a mobile app. Prototyping in combination with a description of: your screens, business logic, interactions and animations will ensure a smooth development process.

UX & Interface Design

Consumers and employees always expect more from mobile interfaces. More and more people own mobile devices, so the days when you could get away with a less-than-great interface are now behind us. From the functional flows and screen storyboards, to the graphical design of your mobile project, we've got the people with the skills!


Ready to roll? Now that we’ve been through all the prototypes, concepts and analysis documentation to define what you need, it's time to start building. We've got a team of highly skilled developers who specialise in mobile technologies such as HTML5/CSS3, native platforms like Windows8/Phone, Android and iOS, and responsive website(s)... whatever you need, we've got you covered!


There's more than one way to test your mobile applications. We distinguish between functional testing, compatibility and performance testing, and security and user testing. We reduce testing time and improve the overall quality of your mobile solution through the use of automated test tools, that complement our regular testing processes during development. User testing your concept can be done even before development has started. This allows you to fine-tune your idea with minimum cost.

Mobile metrics

We work with you to determine the best analytics strategy based on your KPI's and type of business. When the statistics start coming in, we analyse the results and advise you how to improve your application and boost your ROI. Adjustments to the UI can also be suggested based on the user behaviour as determined from the analytics.

Device delivery

You can start preparing for the launch of your project while we are still developing! Perhaps you are working on an internal project that also requires you to buy a set of devices? We can help you with vendor selection, choosing the right devices for the case at hand and getting them delivered and set up just the way you want.

Enterprise enablement

To deploy your mobile enterprise solutions, we offer Mobile Managed Services for device, app and content management. The management of security and identity across all of these is a main concern. In the era of BYOD (bring your own device), it is increasingly important to have a good structure in place. We've got the solutions, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Maintenance & support

Work doesn’t stop once your mobile solution is enabled, get an app published in the app store, or enable your private store: we won’t leave you to figure it all out for yourself. Moreover, besides user analytics and version updates, maintenance will be needed. Together, we put a plan in place to guide you along the way. When you choose us as your partner you’ll always be in good hands!


Depending on the nature of your project, security can play a big role in the design and creation of a mobile application. We never underestimate the sensitivity of data and know that experience plays a big role in delivering solid solutions. Our specialists have proven track records in mobile security and are able to find the perfect balance between great user experience and solid security.



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