Mobilise your enterprise – seminar report

Mobilising your enterprise seems a huge challenge – but in the end, things can turn out rather positive. During our mobile seminar we demonstrated how to deliver qualitative and affordable solutions, fitting the requirements of your business, users and IT.


We welcomed everyone and told what Cronos Mobile can do for you.

The relevance of analysis

Ines Vanlangendonck, all screens analyst at Foursevens, discussed the relevance of analysis.

Why UX Matters

Wim Janssens, senior UX designer at Monkeyshot, showed the audience why UX matters.

The development platform & the holy grail

Bart Detandt, senior mobile architect at Cozmos, explained the development platform and the holy grail.

The benefits and ROI of mobile enterprise apps

Egbert Nuyts, manager e-channel business at Electrabel, discussed the benefits and ROI of mobile enterprise apps.

Case ClaxoSmithKline

A speaker from GlaxoSmithKline told the audience how GSK brings standard operating procedures to iPads right inside the labs.

The SAP perspective

Last but not least, Mario Aerts, SAP netweaver consultant at Flexso, shared benefits and insights from the SAP perspective.


We finished the session with a couple of take-aways

  • You need a plan – think big, start small
  • UX is part of the success for your mobile app, also for enterprise apps
  • Choice of platform based on requirements and features – there is no holy grail !
  • Don’t keep reinventing the wheel; off-the-shelf apps can be a good solution, combined with custom dev when necessary
  • SAP mobile apps can be user-friendly!

How to keep up with the constant evolution of mobile devices

The lack of internal resources

We’ve noticed that internal resources aren’t always able to keep up with the constant evolution of mobile phones and tablets. The IT department generally focuses on business development rather than providing support for the development of mobile solutions. Besides, the advent of mobile devices in enterprise management makes it difficult to arrange the necessary resources.

Find your mobile partner

To meet your growing mobile needs, you should team up with a committed, competent, experienced partner. That partner will be responsible for managing the resources for mobile solutions. They must provide solutions that are tailored to your needs and be able to answer any and all questions about your mobile environment.

Meet ‘Mobile First’

Mobile First is a Mobile Managed Services initiative of Uptime Group. The service simplifies and optimises the management of all your mobile phones and tablets, and the support for end users.

Mobile Managed Services consists of:

  • Support in the area of strategic mobile IT policy
  • A remote helpdesk that can directly assist end users with questions
  • The remote management and monitoring of all critical mobile components
  • Proactively keeping your mobile infrastructure in good condition

Collaboration with the right partner will allow you to concentrate on your core business while keeping up with the evolution of mobile devices. Feel free to contact Uptime Group for more information, or download their white paper “Mobile First: More than ‘Bring your own device’“.

Case study: why we used Xamarin for a hybrid mobile app

We needed to create a hybrid mobile app for tablets that is able to read eID cards through native eID readers. During our analysis, we looked into these three technologies:

  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin


The configuration and installation of XMLVM is quite complicated.

Besides, there is no documentation or support available.

So we believe that XMLVM isn’t mature enough to use for our mobile app.


PhoneGap is great for facilitating the use of built-in device features such as the accelerometer, camera, network, disk, etc.

However, it has restrictions when calling foreign devices and third party APIs.

These restrictions create difficulties when we need to read personal data from the eID chip.

We would need to use the Fedict SDK to get the required information out of the eID.


In comparison with PhoneGap, Xamarin is heavier and has much more overhead. But it provides a solid foundation for running complex applications and many examples and plenty of support is available. Using Xamarin also means you can use C# to write your mobile apps in the familiar Visual Studio environment.


We chose to use Xamarin to build our hybrid mobile app because it has better tooling for native device support and it is able to call third party native C/Obj-C libraries with C#.