Mobilise your enterprise – seminar report

Mobilising your enterprise seems a huge challenge – but in the end, things can turn out rather positive. During our mobile seminar we demonstrated how to deliver qualitative and affordable solutions, fitting the requirements of your business, users and IT.


We welcomed everyone and told what Cronos Mobile can do for you.

The relevance of analysis

Ines Vanlangendonck, all screens analyst at Foursevens, discussed the relevance of analysis.

Why UX Matters

Wim Janssens, senior UX designer at Monkeyshot, showed the audience why UX matters.

The development platform & the holy grail

Bart Detandt, senior mobile architect at Cozmos, explained the development platform and the holy grail.

The benefits and ROI of mobile enterprise apps

Egbert Nuyts, manager e-channel business at Electrabel, discussed the benefits and ROI of mobile enterprise apps.

Case ClaxoSmithKline

A speaker from GlaxoSmithKline told the audience how GSK brings standard operating procedures to iPads right inside the labs.

The SAP perspective

Last but not least, Mario Aerts, SAP netweaver consultant at Flexso, shared benefits and insights from the SAP perspective.


We finished the session with a couple of take-aways

  • You need a plan – think big, start small
  • UX is part of the success for your mobile app, also for enterprise apps
  • Choice of platform based on requirements and features – there is no holy grail !
  • Don’t keep reinventing the wheel; off-the-shelf apps can be a good solution, combined with custom dev when necessary
  • SAP mobile apps can be user-friendly!