Tetra CrossMos

Cronos Mobile supports the Tetra CrossMoS project. This project was set up in collaboration with KU Leuven to deploy cross-platform development tools (CPTs) more optimally for mobile app development. To begin with, CrossMoS focuses on in-depth analysis of CPTs. Then reusable software extensions are developed in this project in various CPTs for fulfilling advanced requirements and providing services for (a) user interfaces (and user experience), (b) security (storage, communications, authentication, etc.) and (c ) managing and retrieving information from sensors. The initial results will be available by the end of 2015.

We also collaborate with the Erasmus University College Brussels knowledge centre as a participant in ‘Design & Technology for Mobile & Wearable’, a PWO project in which the university is creating a framework for performing small tasks for SMEs and to gain knowledge about mobile technology in the broadest sense, including wearables.