VRT mobile development team

VRT, our national public service broadcaster, has a good thing going in the world of digital media. VRTs Digital Production Centre (DPC) works closely with several internal brand managers to deliver great digital products like deredactie.be, stubru.be and radioplus.be.

With a strong web presence already in place, VRT felt the need to expand their mobile presence, thus catering to the needs of an ever-growing mobile audience. As a result, VRTs mobile development team was born, a team of mobile experts whose goal is to set up a mature mobile development factory within the DPC and start producing state-of-the-art mobile applications.

Cronos Mobile is proud to have been invited by VRT to help them achieve this goal. Together with VRTs own people, our mobile experts have successfully translated and applied VRTs high development standards to a mobile software factory. Modern development mantras, such as ‘Scrum’, ‘Test Driven Development’ and ‘Continuous Delivery’, together with a strong mobile architecture soon resulted in a successful release of the deredactie.be app for iOS and Android. The app was even featured by Apple and quickly reached #1 in the top downloads.


Soon after, football fans were treated to the Sporza Football app. In this case, VRT took the MVP (minimum viable product) approach, releasing a fully functional application with the core features as soon as possible and later releasing updates and new functionality in subsequent release cycles.


Find out more about VRT’s mobile development process at

Clearly, VRT’s mobile team is going places. We wish them the best and look forward to future successes!